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Initial Skin Assessment

Your first appointment is where I will have a look at your skin and have a chat about the current concerns or goals you have for you skin. We will also discuss your lifestyle, stress levels and nutrition so we can come up with your very own skin program. You will then get to experience a mini bespoke facial so I can get a better understanding of your skin and you can be sure that I am the right skin therapist for you.

Within 24 hours after this initial skin assessment your skin program will be emailed to you. Your skin program will include:

  • Your current skin type and information relevant to that skin type.

  • At home skin care regime with recommended products that you can purchase directly from me.

  • Nutrition and supplement advice. Specific skin condition meal plans as well as supplements may also be purchased through me.

  • In studio treatment plan recommendations for both skin and soul.

  • Mindfulness resources, because stress is a big contributing factor to skin conditions you will be provided with ways to help deal with stress at home such as meditation and deep diaphramatic breathing exercises.

Catch Up

A week or so later I will organize a little catch up by video chat to see how you are going with your programme. If at this point you have any questions or we need to make any changes to either your skin care regime, nutrition or supplements then we will do so and we will book you in for your next in studio treatment.

In Studio Treatments

Each time you come into the studio for a treatment we will be focusing on what your skin and soul needs on that day. The treatment recommendations in your skin programme are a guideline of treatments to achieve healthy skin but if you have had a rough week and are wanting to book in an extra relaxing facial or reiki then you are more than welcome to do so.

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